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We want to be the greatest reference in teaching platform. We are the missing educational social work.

Openredu is a learning environment that is designed to provide intense forms of collaboration around the media arranged on your pages. A learning platform in the clouds – trend in the area of educational technology.

Its internal structure makes it possible to organize content in the same way as a learning management system. Each of the materials has spaces for communication. All forums are integrated to simplify the different dialogs that occur in the environment. Read more

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Why use?

32000 users can not be wrong

They are teachers, students, coordinators and entrepreneurs.


Great community of teachers, students and developers who can use and customize / improve the platform that is free


All processes are research based and are in continuous improvement


Available for multiple browsers and for Android platform

You and…



25Academic papers

Aren’t alone.


Open, as education should be.

Join the team os collaborators


Build good experiences

We recognize the importance of aesthetics allied to function. That’s why we always need good ideas to design good experiences.

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Learn develop and improve Openredu.
With your we will continue to build the best educational social network in the world.



Discover and share

We recognize the set of materials that can be used by teachers to understand the Openredu learning environment.

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Support innovation

Supportesr are individuals or legal entities who wish to fund the community’s evolution with resources or benefits.



Lets grow together

We organize materials that guide companies to provide services based on Openredu. The services can be implementation and customization platform.

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  • Forum

    Ask your questions in the community forum

  • Book

    The book presents the concepts of the Openredu environment for
    educators, exemplifying how new and powerful technology-mediated
    teaching situations can be created. Access

  • Documentation

    Learn more about specific functions or ask questions about using
    Openredu. The documentation is available to teachers, programmers and
    students. Access here

  • Teaching material

    The materials are handouts and other sources of information in their
    technologies and are available on our Scribd
    . There you can find materials from our training course.