1st Openredu Awards Event happened at CIn / UFPE

The Paulo Freire Prize, a tribute created by the free software community Openredu at the CCTE / CIn, presented the nominees who collaborated with the community and with the platform’s growth in 2017.

The awards ceremony took place in the amphitheater of the UFPE (CIn / UFPE), Center of Informatics, in Recife, the base of the research group on Cognitive Sciences and Educational Technology (CCTE), where the community held a ceremony to congratulate the members who collaborated in the Educational , Development, Design / Communication and Provider.

At the occasion were present members of the Community, representatives of several entities that also formed the judging committee of the Prize. The ceremonial and organization was conducted by internal committee members, community participants who were not among the candidates.

For Alex Sandro, Coordinator of the Openredu Community in the CCTE, this is only the first and the team must work to ensure that other events such as this are held in other regions of Brazil, organized by supportive communities scattered in various places. Thus we will have an ecosystem around the platform that will massify both the use and the improvement of the same.

The winners were:

Category: Design / Communication

  • 1st Place: Jefferson Alex
  • 2nd Place: Vanessa Vieira

Category: Development

  • First Place: Diogenes Carvalho
  • 2nd place: Rafael Albuquerque
  • 3rd Place: Yves Bouckaert

Category: Service Providers

  • 1st Place: George Alberto
  • 2nd Place: Cloves Alves

Category: Educational

  • 1st Place: José Lopes Ferreira Junior
  • 2nd Place: Allison José dos Santos
  • 3rd Place: Milton Vinícius Morais

There was also a special award, organized by the Community, for the entity that supported the project and welcomed it during the year 2017. At that time, the Informatics Center (CIn / UFPE) was presented, represented by Professor Alex Sandro, who will deliver the plate to the direction of the Center.

Check out the awards photos