Hybrid education activities lead Openredu to ConedUPE (+ Bonus)

Participants of the Openredu community take the platform to I ConedUPE, where a lecture and a workshop on hybrid education will be held using the educational social network developed at CIn / UFPE. Read through and understand the BONUS.

Teachers Alex Sandro (CIn / UFPE), Francisco Romildo (UPE / PPGE) and José Roberto (UPE / PPGE) will be present in the first edition of ConedUPE, presenting activities that use Openredu as a platform to support hybrid teaching.


  • Workshop: Information Technologies for Hybrid Education: learning culture in educational social network, Wednesday (18/10), at 15h
    • Prof. Francisco Romildo Silva
  • Oral Presentation: Analysis of the effectiveness of hybrid teaching and learning strategies of related function, Friday (20/10), from 19:30;
    • Authors: Francisco Romildo da Silva, José Roberto da Silva and Alex Sandro Gomes

About ConedUPE

The Education Congress of the University of Pernambuco (ConedUPE) is in its first edition and takes place between October 17 and 20, at the Mata Norte campus, located in the city of Nazaré da Mata (PE). Organized by the Pedagogy Course, the main theme of the event is “EDUCATION IN CRISIS CONTEXT: (RE) MEANING THE TRAINING OF TEACHERS OF BASIC EDUCATION” and intends to count on the presence of students and teachers from different contexts and areas of order to ensure a broad debate about teacher training and the current context.

More information on the event’s website.


The workshop Analysis of the effectiveness of hybrid teaching and learning strategies of affine function, taught by Professor Romildo, will have an online content that will add 6 hours to the certificate. It is a content exclusive to the participants of the I ConedUPE workshop, serving as an experience for the participants on the methodology of hybrid teaching.