Openredu Community promotes awards for volunteers

The Professor Paulo Freire award is an initiative to award the Openredu Open Source Community Highlights, promoted by the Openredu community. Check out how to participate.

The award aims to promote the recognition of volunteers and entities that have had outstanding and relevant performance for the Openredu Free Software Community during the year 2017.

Individual prizes or entities (legal entities) that have acted in a proactive and decisive way in the promotion of the Openredu Free Software Community may apply for the prizes.

Actions are considered:

  • Acting as leader or representative of Openredu Free Software Community;
  • Contribute to the development of the code;
  • Act as a designer or in the communication and promotion of the community;
  • To act in the formation of teachers;
  • Attract new volunteers;
  • Take responsibility for the deliberations;
  • Participate in the forum;

To apply for the award, you must register using the form available at

Check the complete Notice:

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