Providers and supporters

We organize materials that guide companies to provide services based on Openredu. The services can be implementation and customization of the platform. They can still be teacher training.

All content on this site is intended to be simple to own Openredu by companies that wish to benefit. In it we organize the different versions of the artifacts used for the structuring of services based on Openredu.

Each set receives a numbering and a description of what has been incorporated.

To know more and interact with the community, join our Forum


Hello future developers.

It is with great satisfaction that we have received your “visit” to our space within the Openredu world. If you are interested in contributing effectively to the Openredu code, this is the right place to exchange information and know how to start. Here you will find the information you need to know our tool, learn new (or ours) technologies, overcome challenges and together with us to build and improve Openredu.

Here you will find discussions and challenges about frameworks, development tools, things like Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, MySQL, Capistrano + Rubber, Solr, among others.

We will be releasing challenges related to the Openredu code advancement. Beat the challenges of the Openredu community and gain recognition for your achievements.

If you have any questions, please contact the community through the Developer Forum.

We keep a repository with the versions and information about the Openredu project.

Visit the GitHub page


Supporters are individuals or legal entities who wish to fund the community’s evolution with resources or benefits.

To ask questions or talk about the concept of a supporter or even to build with us a sustainable way to support the evolution of the Openredu code, participate in the following forum: Forum of Support


Here you will find classes and materials to start your participation and collaboration with the community. Read more…


Hello teachers! Welcome, this area is dedicated to you.

The initial training to use the platform is very practical. From the first experience until you start collaborating and defining materials, learning to use Openredu takes place in 25 minutes! The Openredu interfaces are designed to avoid difficulties related to the use of the platform, also seeking continuous motivation and satisfaction in its use. The more you use, the more interested and excited about the environment you will be!

Since its inception, Openredu has always been the object of studies that have evaluated its effectiveness for the practice of teaching and learning at different levels of education.

Openredu maintains close collaboration with the research group Cognitive Sciences and Educational Technology: Masters and PhD students from this group carry out research involving Openredu. The topics range from gamification to collaborative data analysis, passing a wide range of current research topics. Openredu theses, dissertations, monographs and articles are available at


A free software community fulfills its mission when many people benefit from its products and processes. Around a community are formed movements that promote the understanding, the use and benefits with these products. Find in this section materials so you can liven up workshops and trainings of other teachers.


To collaborate with the community, you, as a teacher, can work in the following areas:

  • Publishing material at congresses and editorial publications
  • Carrying out training
  • Using the platform and sending feedback to the development team / front-end / researchers
  • Participating in the capacities carried out by the community
  • Producing learning material and sharing your experiences with Openredu

We keep an open channel through our Forum for Teachers.


We focus on the most important information so that you, the designer, can collaborate to improve the user experience and help thousands of people.

Openredu is an online learning environment that is constantly improving. Concerned with a better experience, project designers and coordinators provide materials that can help designers collaborate with the project.

If you have any questions it is important to contact us through our Design Forum


If you need some graphic material for the release of Openredu, here is where we focus the main creations of our collaborators. Read more…


Good documentation helps a lot of people … good documentation, updated, helps a lot more!

We keep an update of our guideline so that developers can implement and front-ends can follow, so the experience designed for Openredu will be the best possible.

If you like to produce, having a style guide and like documentation, here is the right place. Download the Openredu UI Guide and start collaborating with the interface of this community.

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