We focus on the most important information so that you, the designer, can collaborate to improve the user experience and help thousands of people.

Openredu is an online learning environment that is constantly improving. Concerned with a better experience, project designers and coordinators provide materials that can help designers collaborate with the project.

If you have any questions it is important to contact us through our Design Forum


If you need some graphic material for the release of Openredu, here is where we focus the main creations of our collaborators. Read more…


Good documentation helps a lot of people … good documentation, updated, helps a lot more!

We keep an update of our guideline so that developers can implement and front-ends can follow, so the experience designed for Openredu will be the best possible.

If you like to produce, having a style guide and like documentation, here is the right place. Download the Openredu UI Guide and start collaborating with the interface of this community.

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We maintain a visual identity guide where employees and supporters can download and use the Openredu brand, make improvements and applications for disclosure.

To download the updated visual identity manual » Clique aqui


The community is maintained by employees who, like you, are familiar with the project and would like to help in any way.

For the design area you can collaborate in several ways:

  • Creating promotional material;
  • Updating our visual identity guide;
  • Suggesting interface improvements;
  • Improving the front end;
  • Performing usability tests;
  • Developing improvements to our Guideline;
  • Conducting lectures and events that promote the platform;
  • Publishing scientific papers on the platform;

If you would like to contact Openredu’s main R & D team at Cin / UFPE, CLICK HERE, we will be delighted to chat with you.